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Finally, the weekend. Ahhh….. some time to work on the board. We’re so close I can smell it. Or that might be resin fumes. My brain feels tingly. Anyway, gloss coat on top and bottom today. So stoked. We’re water tight now. Only a light sand to go and we’re done. Can’t wait.



Today the sea is still at the base of the cliffs.

Flickering diamonds meet earthy hawkesbury sandstone.

White, to blue, to Green,

Shades rise and fall with the pulse of the swell.

This place, I’ve seen it churn. Been thrown against it.

Dashed and pinned. Felt its cold rocks against my ribs.

My ankle thrust against the stone, my heels slit deep with urchin.

They pierce like needles and snap like chalk.


I’ve felt my lungs burn in this place,

Writhing in the dark and getting darker.

Been at the bottom a lung too early.

I’ve been held up in the light here.

Filled myself to bursting with cold new air.

Replaced the twinkling in my eyes,

Felt fear and panic subside.


I’ve felt strong here.

Been fastest, been first!

I’ve been fearless here and foolish.

I’ve been caught here.

Had Poseidon’s fist explode in front of me.

Had my eyes levered open and ruthlessly flushed.


So lucky in this place.

Encased in crystal.

Felt the world dissolve and time stall.

Beaming, open arms and joy.

Positively lost here.

Today I feel so lucky to be here.