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The Single Fin Project is on hold this weekend to make some time for some good ol’ ding repair. I was running on one un-dinged board until last week. Had a little accident in the car and my lone watertight board is no longer watertight. So, with some help from Mac Dog, all the little dings, cracked tails, dents and mystery holes in my quiver are now fixed. Bonus.



Finally, the weekend. Ahhh….. some time to work on the board. We’re so close I can smell it. Or that might be resin fumes. My brain feels tingly. Anyway, gloss coat on top and bottom today. So stoked. We’re water tight now. Only a light sand to go and we’re done. Can’t wait.


Somewhere after your have an idea, after you make a plan, after you take those first few exciting steps, you hit The Details. Shit gets hard, harder than it sounded in the plan. Some parts of the plan aren’t going to work as you thought they would. The old grey-matter needs to be engaged, you need to problem solve, work with care. This is where we find ourselves today.

The tail reconstruction is easily the trickiest part of the project. Getting the angles and shapes right, getting the bond strong enough to work with. It’s slow and careful work. Like with everything, the more care taken now the better the result with be. It will, of course, be worth it in the end.