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I am lazy. In fact, it’s a wonder I am writing this at all when my couch is a few feet away and I know there is one cold beer left in the fridge. That’s why it’s so great when interesting things come all the way to my door. I don’t have to do anything!

Recently I’ve noticed people like to park their cars in front of my house. Some of them are classics!

Tilly The Combie

The Holden Special 186

I know! I’ll keep you posted on what shows up next.


It was a strange morning.

It was windy and already hot.

The wind blew from the south.

That’s not that strange I suppose.


Mac wanted to run fast.

He prefers to run with the wind.

I wonder where you’d end up,

If you always did that?


I’d guess Portsmouth.

There’s no science behind that though.


We met Murray on the beachfront.

We talked about Chile.

Murray had a camera and a plaid shirt.

Mac and I posed for a photo.

It was awkward.

I’m not a model.


I stopped at Joe’s for a coffee.

Joe had red eyes.

It was pretty early.


I talked to the waitress about chili.

She told me I had early morning wisdom.

I told her even monkeys have been shown to learn from their mistakes,

In experiments.


At the top of my street people were driving their cars into each other.

There was broken plastic on the ground.

I don’t think there is any metal or glass,

In cars these days.


The drivers were talking.

They might have been arguing.

They looked like over-achievers.

I wondered if it’s different,

When over-achievers crash into each other.



It was amusing.

I tried not to laugh.

I worried they would see me,

And, turn on me.

I worry about that a lot;

Being turned on in public by over-achievers.

It’s chilling stuff.


It was a strange morning.

No coffee before breakfast tomorrow.