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Cheer up Possum. I picked you a flower.

It’s been dying since the moment I broke its stem.

Try not to focus on that.


Feel the sun on your face and smile. Breathe some air.

Eat fruit and yogurt.

Twirl in you favorite shoes.

Laugh, out on the grass, arms outstretched.


Lets be foolish for a moment.

Tear up the plan.

It changes every minute,

An illusion with the power we give it,

Refuse to live it.


Plant a garden bed to replace the flower I stole.

For each petal plant a row,

Of purple, red and gold to grow.

Plant a place incongruent!

A pothole, a car park, an ugly fence,

Decorate the cold with warm difference.


Everyday from now on together!

Plant the city better.

Cactus farms on tower rooftops.

Roses to creep on concrete blocks.

Grass floors everywhere we go.

We’ll spin and Spin – fast and slow,

Fragrant colored rows.

Smile today; lets plan not to plan tomorrow.