The tail on this little fella was rank. It had been fixed badly before. The glass was shite and the blank underneath was brown and water damaged. Looks like it might have been stored upright with the tail grinding on the concrete or maybe in the damp dirt behind a shed some place. Whatever the cause, the last two inches of the tail were completely buggered, too buggered to fix.

So in the planning session we decided it was best to cut the tail back to a point where the blank was healthy and start again. To give the new tail some strength I decided to dowel the join. I think I probably went one size of dowel too big, but it’s not really a major issue. Once the join is doweled, bogged and glassed it will be plenty strong. You’re not going to have your foot that far back that you’d ever press down behind the join.

The other advantage of amputation is we can re-shape our own tail. The board originally had a rounded square from what I can tell. I’m pretty keen to give this guy a mellow rounded pin to get a really nice curve through the rail and flow in the turn.

You spend so much of your time being really careful with boards so you don’t ding them. It was fucking weird to take the saw to one. If you wan’t to make an omelette…. I guess.

Oh, and that yellow brown stuff holding the dowels in is just a q-cell resin mix with yellow tint mixed in. I wanted to see how much tint you needed to add to get a strong yellow. Don’t worry, it’s not wood putty, although it kind of looks like it.



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