I got the opportunity to break the swerve of the every-day and head down to the NSW Coal Coast a couple of weekends ago with a handful of good humans. I guess I kind of forgot that part of the world, but there are a lot of quality waves on that stretch. The escarpment that falls behind the beaches gives a sense of place a lot of other Australian look-a-like beaches lack. For me it feels like the crowd factor is low there too (But you regularly can’t see the water for the crowd at Manly so make of that what you will).

Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God.

– Kurt Vonnegut


Fun session on the Saturday at Sandon Point with a little south swell/ south wind combo. Great little walls on the right tide.


Surfing, bocce and coffee stops pretty much prevailed, which ain’t a bad way to spend the weekend in my book. Let it be known I dominated bocce. Like, I am the fucking Michael Jordan of bocce. We stopped in at Finbox which is a rad little board store in Thirroul for a chat. Some solid board porn in there. I picked up a pair of faithful black vans (for something not very different).



Thanks to Simon, Al, Az and Sean for the good times. Next time I’ll drag myself out of the water and take some photos of the surfing….. maybe.



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