This weekend I am heading down to the cold south with a few good friends, and very good surfers, for a trip into the wild. I’ll do a post on my camp/ surf pack later, but I though I’d share my photo and survival pack first. The key for a trip like this is keep it light. I might be carrying it all over a significant distance. I always keep my survival and my camera gear in the same pack. If the worst was to happen, like a bush fire or some other emergency, I can ditch my board and camp gear quickly and just run overland with this pack. So here’s the list:

  1. Sony Nex 3 with leather strap & Canon FD lens adapter
  2. Canon FD 50mm f1.8
  3. Canon 100-300mm f4 zoom
  4. Toko 2X FD teleconverter
  5. Extra 32GB Memory card
  6. Extra Sony Nex battery
  7. Medium Gorrilla-Pod
  8. Nikon Nikonos V 35mm amphibious film camera (loaded Fuji Superia 400)
  9. Spare Nikonos o-ring set and grease
  10. Spare Film (in this case 1X Kodak Hawkeye Trafic Film, 1X Eastman Cinema XX (b+w))
  11. Lens cleaning cloth and kit
  12. Moleskin field notes book, pen and pencil
  13. Raen Sunglasses
  14. Head phones
  15. Medim sized Microfiber towel
  16. Long handle Red Head Matches
  17. Micro Dolphin torch
  18. 8 meters of rope
  19. Kinchrome multi-tool
  20. Compression bandage
  21. Elastoplast non-stick wound dressings
  22. First aid kit (pain killers, cold and flu tablets, antibiotics, lighter, swabs, qtips, medical tape, adhesive wound dressing, antiseptic)
  23. Food & Water (usually some protein and energy bars (normally I hate those things), trail mix etc

All this goes into a Dakine backpack with some spare underwear and socks and I’m good to go. We usually have the car in support, within a an hour or so, so it’s not a ‘bring only what you can carry deal’, but this stuff keeps me out of harms way if something bad happens. And the camera gear is all I need to get some great results. Feel free to share your packs back to me. I’m always keen to see what others carry.



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