In the summer of 1915 Duke Kahanamoku, a Hawaiian waterman,  gave a surfing demonstration on Sydney’s Freshwater Beach. It was the spark that started Australia’s obsession with surfing. An obsession that, 96 years later,  has brought us another world surfing champion – GO PARKO.

To celebrate the moment that started it all the local surfing community gets together once a year for a celebration of all things surfing. Dukes Day 2013.

Unfortunately I missed the early part of the day – the best bit: The Surfing!! – but I did get to take a run around the car park with my camera later in the day. The old school surf theme carried over with some rides while others were straight up hot-rods. I joined the tyre kickers and droolers scoping out scene.

Hot Hot Hot Rod

And of course – A photo of the surfing I missed. Bummer! Oh well………

Photo attribution: From Our Home

Maybe see you down there next year!



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  1. January 14, 2013

    Fantastic photos of the cars and combi vans. Thanks for the acknowledgement on the tandem surf photo. It was a great day at the beach for us with the unexpected surprise of Duke’s Day celebrations.

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