They’re going to try to box you in son.

Try to set you on their path.

You’ll know when it’s happening.

You’ll feel your palms start to sweat,

And your heart start to ache.

That’s panic.

That’s being trapped.

Watch for it.

They’re going to try to recruit you.

Convince you.

Sign you up to their cause.

Make you feel obligated.

They’ll tell you what you should do.

They’ll say it’s what they did.

They’ll ask you stay.

They’ll threaten you. They’ll guilt you.

They’ll try to scare you.

Try to tie you to their mast.

You’ll see it.

All these things will happen to you son.

They happen to us all.

You will have a choice.

There will be what others want,

And what you want.

Try to keep that clear in your head.

And when all this happens,

When you feel the traps being set,


You run like hell.

My son, there is no shame in it.

No need to fear being alone.

When you are true to yourself,

The ones who really love you,

Will run with you.



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